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Are you looking for a Low-Code platform designed specifically for engineers? Synera empowers engineers to rapidly build and deploy custom engineering workflows without writing a single line of code. Join our upcoming experience session to get hands-on with Synera and see the power of Low-Code for yourself.


About the Low-Code Lab

The Synera Low-Code Lab offers an in-depth exploration of the software, emphasizing the potential of Low-Code solutions for engineers. The lab provides a hands-on experience, allowing attendees to construct their own workflows. Based on prepared workflows, each participant can experience the advantages of Low-Code for themselves using "real" use cases. Interaction with Synera's Low-Code experts is encouraged through a Q&A session, fostering an environment for learning and collaboration.

What to expect:

  • A comprehensive introduction to Synera and the power of Low-Code.
  • Hands-on experience building your own workflow.
  • An opportunity to engage in Q&A with Synera's Low-Code experts.
  • Networking with other engineering professionals.




Agenda Synera Low-Code Lab

Topic: Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

9 29 February 2024 | 14:00-15:00 CET | Online

  • Introduction to Synera and the power of Low-Code for engineers

  • Hands-on experience building a workflow using Synera's drag-and-drop interface

  • Q&A with Synera's Low-Code experts

  • Networking with other engineering professionals




Meet the speakers

Mike Grau
Presales engineer


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It would be nice if you have Synera installed on your computer so that you can follow the individual steps more easily. You can register and download our 14-days free trial version here

Company offer

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Minimum number of participants: 5




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The number of people is limited to 20 participants for optimal participant experience.

Registration closes on February 20.