Revolutionizing Cost Engineering:
Building Your Own Costing R

Say goodbye to manual calculations, endless spreadsheets, and outdated data!

Are you tired of navigating a labyrinth of tools, spreadsheets, and databases just to arrive at a single pricing estimate? Do you find yourself relying on historical costs that may no longer be relevant due to the absence of a rule-based framework? The challenges in today's cost engineering and procurement landscape are real. It's time to break free from these limitations and usher in a new era of efficiency and accuracy.

Join us on October 5th at 16:00 CET for an enlightening expert panel discussion featuring Synera, FACTON, and ARRK - visionaries who are at the forefront of cost engineering innovations. They are ready to share their expertise and cutting-edge solutions shaping the industry's future.

In this 90-minute expert panel discussion, including an interactive Q&A session, you'll learn everything about:

  • The current landscape and challenges of cost engineering
  • How to apply automation solutions and optimize cost calculations in real-time
  • Leveraging the power of customizable cost models
  • What's on the horizon with design to cost for best price predictions

Who is this for?
This expert panel discussion is ideal for professionals involved in cost engineering, procurement, and decision-making roles within manufacturing organizations, including:

  • Cost engineers
  • Senior cost engineers
  • Cost engineering analysts
  • Procurement managers
  • Sourcing specialists.
The panel is also for anyone interested in transforming their pricing processes, seeking to optimize cost calculations in real-time, exploring automation solutions, or leveraging customizable cost models.

Register now to secure your spot. Choose to attend the live session and engage in real-time or opt for the webinar recording to explore these transformative insights at your own pace.

The future of Cost Engineering is becoming more streamlined, transparent, automated & efficient - join us and become a part of this transformation!

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Meet the speakers

Moritz Maier
Co-Founder and Co-CEO


Petrus Petrus
Head of Digitalization Group
ARRK Engineering
MicrosoftTeams-image (45)
Ralf Altpeter
General Manager

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